Mobiba - that's a new synonym for a healty and innovative way to relax in nature! As an addition to already popular outdoor-activities like camping, hiking or adventure-travelling there is a new trend ahead: enjoying traditional Russian sauna outdoors in nature!


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Due to their neighbourhood, Russia and Finland share a lot in traditions and habits - and one of the strongest bonds ist the love for sauna bathing! Although in Russia" it is called "Banja" istead of sauna, the procedure ist almost exactly the same: you (over)heat your body in hot steam to cool it down right afterwards - something which is already scientifically proven to be very healthy for humans body and mind. You may well have experienced that for yourself, haven't you?

Sweating in a sauna is healthy - but sweating in a mobile Mobiba-Banja will raise the level of relaxation to a new height: now you can do someting good to your body and enjoy nature simultabeously!


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